Ain´t No Telling


Ain´t No Telling

Jimi Hendrix

Composição: Indisponível

Well, there ain´t no,

Ain´t no

Ain´t no telling, baby

When you will see me again, but I pray

It will be tomorrow.

Well, the sunrise


Is burning my eyes, baby

I must leave now, but I really hope

To see you tomorrow

Well my house is, oh, such a sad mile away,

The feeling there always hangs up my day

Oh, Cleopatra, She´s driving me insane,

She´s trying to put my body in her brain.

So just kiss me goodbye, just to ease the pain.

Ain´t no

Ain´t no

Ain´t no telling baby

Ain´t no telling babe

Ain´t no telling baby when you´re gonna see me, but I reallyhope

It will be tomorrow

You know what I´m talking ´bout.

Ain´t no telling

Sorry, but I must leave now